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Seriously: I don't want to waste your time here, but I don't want to see you waste your money either, not on a Penis Pump anyway, so I'll just cut straight to the chase - The truth of the matter is it's Crazy to spend $100+ on a flimsy commercial Penis Pump when anyone can build a nice one for $20-25, and it'll Work Better and Last Longer than anything you can buy on the commercial market.

Easy: The details are laid out below, but I promise you I've already done all the Homework; all of the Research, Designing and Testing, and I've been using it myself for more than 3 years now. It always works without fail. The Guide is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, and it'll only run you $7.77. All you have to do is follow the guide and you're Set For Life...Like I said, "One and Done"! Want to Increase the Size of Your Penis in time for your next dinner date? That's Easy!

Results: If you're a "Show Me" kind of person, and you need to see exactly what this thing can do, you can just Click that View Results Button on the left of your screen.

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If This Doesn't Add Inches To Your Penis Size NOTHING WILL!

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God's Honest Truth; my own partner's words the very first time I showed her what I could do with this thing:

"Oh My God! That thing works TOO GOOD!

That's "HUMONGOUS"!!!"

A Penis Genie "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump is The "Real Deal"; an Actual, "Dyed-In-The-Wool", Hand-Held Penis Pump unlike anything else available in today's market. It's an ingenious, QUALITY ALTERNATIVE with a Clean, Sleek Design that fits comfortably in the palm of 1 hand, incorporating all of the standard characteristics of traditional Penis Pumps. The "Hydro-X-Stream" mimics all of the standard components of traditional Penis Pumps and substitutes them with common, easy-to-obtain parts and materials that are readily accessible to everyone. But the "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump stands apart from all others by taking things one Gigantic Leap Further through an innovative application of Hydromechanics, granting the user precision, Push-Button Control over the "Hydro-X-Stream's" Superior Suction Power. And, it's as Quiet As a Whisper and Totally Discreet.

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The "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump is Incredibly Simple. Everything needed is easy to find and easy to buy. Assembly is completed in just a few simple steps and the whole process only takes about 30-45 minutes! Once one understands how to assemble the "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump there will NEVER be a need to shop for a Penis Pump again; wherever life takes you you'll be able to quickly and easily assemble another "Hydro-X-Stream".


I don’t even worry about the "Hydro-X-Stream" breaking. There are no delicate Seals or Rubber Pump Bulbs to split or decay. In fact, there’s hardly anything about it that can break. In all the years I've been using the "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump myself the only time I ever had a problem with breakage was when I dropped it on a ceramic tile floor and cracked it. But that was no big deal. I just built another one, reusing all but 1 of the original parts. Try doing that with any commercial Penis Pump! And the replacement part only cost me $1.00.


Everything needed to assemble the "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump costs a fraction of the price of any High-End Penis Pump I’ve ever researched. In fact, the "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump can be assembled for $20-25 (+$7.77 for the Parts List/Assembly Plan), bringing the total cost to around $30, and saving as much as 75% (or more) of the typical cost. And, it will last indefinitely.


I cannot stress this enough: The "Hydro-X-Stream" is UNBELIEVEABLY POWERFUL! That’s why I’m always careful, and I’ve paid very close attention to learn my own limits. It NEVER FAILS to produce those EXTREME results I was after. With a "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump I ROUTINELY ADD OVER 7 INCHES TO MY PENIS SIZE. And, I can do that any time I want. In fact, I’m able to TAILOR THE SIZE OF MY PENIS to meet the needs of any situation. I can actually watch as my penis grows, and I can stop whenever I decide the size is right (or whenever SHE decides it's right!).

"Women may prefer different sizes for different reasons at different times"


DISCRETION is a major concern for most. With that in mind, it's important to note that EVERY PART OF THE "Hydro-X-Stream" PENIS PUMP CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE SAME STORES WE ALL SHOP IN EVERY DAY. It’s as innocent as buying a box of cereal, and there’s a really good chance that everything needed can actually be purchased in the same store that sells that box of cereal.

And here’s another major benefit to the "Hydro-X-Stream": ALL OF IT CAN BE DONE IN THE PRIVACY OF ONE'S OWN HOME. Once everything is assembled the entire completed device fits easily in the palm of 1 hand and is small enough to tuck away in a shoebox. Also, the CREDIT CARD or BANK STATEMENT only shows a charge by "ClickBank" or "CLKBANK*COM", with no reference to this specific product. Even the Secure ClickBank Order Form only refers to "Ebook" as the item being purchased.


Personalize your Penis Genie "Hydro-X-Stream" - Unlike any other Penis Pump, once you have seen and understand the "Hydro-X-Stream" Instruction Guide, and you know everything that is needed and how to assemble it, you're able to make any custom changes you like; Size, Shape, Color, Upgrades, whatever your imagination can dream up. And you can make all those decisions before you actually assemble a single part. It's really easy to do and the possibilities are endless.


The Penis Genie "Hydro-X-Stream" is backed by ClickBank's 60-Day Full-Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason, after downloading and completing the "Hydro-X-Stream" Instructional Guide, you are not 100% satisfied that it is worth every penny paid, I will refund 100% of the purchase price, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Penis Pump Guarantee

"Size really does matter. The majority of women surveyed said that they had, in fact, rejected a man because his penis size was too small. The majority of women surveyed also said that they would prefer an average guy with a larger penis over a hot guy with a below average penis"

Why do something like this and offer it to others?

Because there is a Massive Void in the market, and a Desperate Need that longs to be filled. Traditional Penis Pumps are simply Too Flimsy, Far Too Expensive, and Notoriously Unreliable. I wanted to make available a Penis Pump that actually Worked; one that could produce the kind of Extreme Results that many of us are after, and one that wouldn't break or stop working after only a few uses. And I wanted to make it available in a way that overcomes all of the traditional barriers to ownership. I've done that! And I'm offering it to others now because IT WORKS SO RIDICULOUSLY WELL, it's SO RIDICULOUSLY DISCREET, and I can't think of a single reason why others shouldn't benefit from my efforts.



The Kind Women Want!

INSTANT, Risk-Free ACCESS to the 85 PAGE, STEP-BY-STEP DOWNLOADABLE "Hydro-X-Stream" Instructional Guide, in PDF Format (Adobe Reader), which clearly explains Everything that is needed and Everything that must be done to assemble the "Hydro-X-Stream"; I show you every item required, where to purchase each item, and detailed, Step-by-Step assembly instructions. I show you EXACTLY HOW I ADD OVER 7 INCHES TO MY PENIS SIZE. And, as an Act of Good Faith, I provide the ORIGINAL, UNALTERED, "Before/After" photos used for this website as PROOF that You Have Not Been Deceived In Any Way.

To SEE the kind of RESULTS that I, personally, achieve with the Penis Genie "Hydro-X-Stream" Penis Pump you can CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON on the left. Or, simply CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON on the right to DOWNLOAD THE STEP-BY-STEP "Hydro-X-Stream" Instructional Guide and Take a Risk-Free Chance.

Today's Your Lucky Day!

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This product contains adult language and/or situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

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